Thank you for helping M.A.R.Y. make a difference in the
lives of children affected by poverty or illness.

Many Arms Reach You


40" x 46" (although any size is appreciated).

Yarn Weight

Baby, 3-Ply or 4-Ply Weight.

Yarn Type

Smooth, non-allergenic acrylic yarn is preferred. Due to possible allergic reactions, please do not use sparkly, wool or wool blends.


Lighter colors are preferred.


You may use any pattern you like, however, we ask that you do not add any fringe.

Please do not use knots or leave any loose ends.

DO NOT wash.

Blanket Guidelines

When You Are Finished

Once you have completed your blanket, please drop it off or have it delivered to:

          Many Arms Reach You, Inc.

          37 Kendall Avenue

          Binghamton, NY  13903

Please include your name and address so that we may keep track of your donation.

If you have any questions, please contact us here: